Episode 28: Religion, diplomacy and development - the need to understand

Religion is a delicate subject but it is crucial to understand in order to ensure development and humanitarian aid is evenly distributed to all stakeholders in many conflict zones. On this podcast, we speak with Prof Mark Juergensmeyer of University of California Santa Barbara to discuss religion and diplomacy in international development - what is the need to understand religious dynamics in post-conflict zones in order to effectively deliver development and aid?

Episode 9: Paul O'Brien of Oxfam on the importance of NGOs working with political will


On today's episode, we speak with Paul O'Brien, VP for Policy and Advocacy at Oxfam America to discuss the importance of NGOs understanding political will in order to push forward both advocacy campaigns and development programs. Often seen as two roads that don't cross, Paul O'Brien goes over why it is important for NGOs to have more political savy when engaging with governments for a more sustainable outcome.

Episode 6: Can we invest during conflict?

Image by AFP/Getty Images

Image by AFP/Getty Images

In September 2017, the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) launched the new endeavour entitled “Humanitarian Impact Bonds” (HIBS) with the intention to sanction money from the private sector towards development in conflict zones. But can this be of benefit? How does it work and if it does work, how do we spread the word? We discuss more about the potential for HIBs in today’s episode.