How We Support

Agenda 2030 and the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are our world’s plan for a better future. These 17 global goals and 169 targets are a collective call for action, jointly designed by governments, civil society and businesses to end poverty, tackle climate change and achieve peace and prosperity for all. And it’s the call to which we were born to respond.

We touch all of the SDGs through our operations, client work and strategic vision. But to rationalise our measurable contributions to where they are likely to make the most impact, we’ve mapped and ranked our focus to the SDGs to where we have the greatest potential to positively contribute.



We’ve currently aligned our organisational strategy to the following SDG goals:

SDG 3 Good Health and Well-being

SDG 4 Quality Education

SDG 5 Gender Equality

SDG 8 Decent Work and Economic Growth

SDG 17 Partnerships for the Goals

Our main contribution is through the consultancy services we deliver. We’ve also gone through a mapping exercise to understand where our key impacts and opportunities are to provide a measurable impact to five of the global goals our world has set out to achieve.

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Our key goal is SDG 17: We foster partnership between government and both the private and public sectors, as well as connecting investors for sustainable development. It’s why we exist.

In our values is also SDG 5: we’ve committed 51% of our profits to go towards charitable purposes, which will also be delivered through Pax Femina - our upcoming NGO dedicated to women’s rights and health through diplomacy.

Our main contribution to the goals is through the consultancy services we deliver. But through mapping and establishing our SDG focuses, direct and additional action points to support have been designed.

For 2019-2020 these include: create appealing governmental and private sector partnerships solutions for sustainable development; the launch of Pax Femina, as well as looking over our own recruitment processes to ensure we offer fair opportunities for under represented groups as well as placements and employment opportunities that grows the capabilities of our team to contribute to the SDG agenda.



SDG 17 Partnerships for the Goals is in our DNA. In 2015 when the goals where established, it was clear that our skillset could be utilised to initiate, facilitate and foster these relations; to open up for conversations that were not being held and to nurture those new collaborations. As an organisation, we knew that was what we were about which is why our mission and everything we do connects to this.