Pax Tecum Global Consultancy is a London-based global consultancy firm which specialises in diplomacy and international development. 


Our Mission

Founded in 2018 by international humanitarian and social entrepreneur Gesu Antonio Baez, we work to serve as the official link between businesses, impact investors and NGOs with international governments in order to build sustainable partnerships and an ethical future. 

Headquartered in London - the epicentre of global affairs, we believe in the power of political will in progressing both projects and new business that can do a greater good to local development. By forging these ties between our clients and governments, we believe we can make a lasting impact through partnership and development.

By working with Pax Tecum Global to handle your company's or NGO's engagement with local government, we'll leave you with the peace of mind in knowing the job will get done. After all, pax tecum does mean "peace be with you" in Latin.

We need the influence and encouragement of diplomacy.

We need the aid, alleviation and economic empowerment of development.
— Penny Mordaunt, former UK International Development Secretary, Department of International Development