Opening your door to the world

We specialise in diplomacy and international development. Our extensive global experience allows us to provide a myriad of services:

Negotiation and mediation

Keeping to our promise, our multilingual team and independent diplomats will serve as the link between you and government in order to foster the discussions to progress your project or help get your new business out there.


Partnership building strategy

You need friends in high places. That’s why we'll work with you to develop strategic plans and map out who key actors in your target region are. We strategise on the best method and approach to engage with key decision makers to win support for success.

Political and sustainability analysis

Thanks to our extensive knowledge and experience dealing with multiple regions and governments, we'll orientate your senior executives and departments on the in's and out's of the regional dynamics of your target region to give you the full understanding needed in order to empower you prior to launching your project or business locally.

Representing emerging economies

We work to empower emerging economies by representing them in non-traditional markets and with key stakeholders in order to attract foreign direct investment, finance and trade that is sustainable and fosters positive impact locally and to the economy.


Cross-cultural training

Culture shock and the lack in understanding of key cultural differences can make or break a partnership. Through our customised workshops, we'll share our knowledge with you on how to understand the culture of your target region in order to foster mutual understanding for a more sustainable and bespoke partnership.


Let's work together

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