Meet the team  


Gesu Antonio Baez, Executive Director & Chief Diplomatic Officer

With extensive experience working with international governments and the UN system on developmental programs and advocacy campaigns, Gesu Antonio chose to bring his knowledge and passion for diplomacy in founding Pax Tecum Global. As Chief Diplomatic Officer, he oversees Pax’s diplomatic mediation, political insight and strategy to help businesses introduce themselves in new world regions, NGOs to progress their work on the ground with full governmental support and represent emerging economies in engaging with new markets that are sustainable and lead to higher social impact. A renown expert in the field, he is also an elected member of the Royal Institute of International Affairs.

Areas of expertise: diplomacy, international development, government relations, strategic partnerships, cross-cultural communications, new business enterprises, women's rights and health, humanitarian affairs and sustainable development.

Languages: Fluent in English, Italian, Spanish, French, Portuguese and German. Conversational in Romanian and Arabic.

Geographic exposure: Oman, Sudan, USA, UAE, Kuwait, European Union (incl. United Kingdom), Switzerland, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Russia, Lebanon, Qatar, Egypt, Algeria, Ghana, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Israel, Palestinian Territories, Argentina, Uruguay, Dominican Republic, Brazil, Haiti, Rwanda, Nepal, China, India, Colombia, Australia and Somalia.


Charlotte Ӧsterman, Partner & Sustainable Development Director

With her full career dedicated to corporate sustainability and using business as a force for good, Charlotte is offering Pax Tecum Global advice and guidance from how to build the three pillars of sustainability into strategy, to effective project execution and evaluation. Through roles in construction and facilities management, she is used to driving change in the corporate environment and cross-industry through collaborations such as the Supply Chain Sustainability School. She’s a Practitioner Member of IEMA, trained SROI practitioner and advisor to SVUK’s council.

Areas of expertise: Corporate sustainability, CSR, change management, social value, social return on investment measurement, auditing, environmental management, communications and sustainable development.

Languages: Fluent in English and Swedish. Conversational in Spanish, Danish and Norwegian.

Geographic exposure: United Kingdom, Spain, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Nicaragua and Argentina.


Eddie Saade,
Partner & Strategy and Operations Director

Eddie has over ten years of cross-sectorial experience in generating, optimising and executing on sustainable business practices. His services have helped SMEs and startups scale in healthcare, digital marketing, business resilience and investment. Prior to Pax Tecum Global, his last role provided him with a wealth of experience in managing public-private educational partnerships between Granahan McCourt Capital, Trinity College Dublin and CONNECT (part of the Science Foundation Ireland).

Eddie holds a BA in Middle East Studies and an MA in Global and International Studies from the University of California in Santa Barbara and a further MA in Television and Digital Journalism from the American University in Cairo.

Areas of expertise: Strategy, Operations, Project Management, Business Development

Languages: Fluent in English and Arabic

Geographic exposure: United States, the Middle East, North Africa and Europe

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Richie Santosdiaz, Foreign Investment and Trade Advisor

Richie Santos Diaz is an expert in economic development, particularly in the realm of internationalisation and international trade, encompassing as well international business, international education, and capability development. Originally from the USA and currently based in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), he spent four years in London with a key management consulting and overseeing a portfolio of high-level governments (UK, Canadian, Mayor of London, Levant region) and multinational corporation clients across Europe, the Americas and the Middle East. Within the context of management consulting, economic development and internationalization, Richie offers to Pax Tecum Global his exposure in a wide range of sectors such as agriculture and food, tech, professional services, transportation and energy. He is also a regular commentator and contributor with 100+ contributions/interviews/op-eds in the media and has been featured in like of Forbes, Entrepreneur, and various leading niche outlets).

Areas of expertise: Economic Development, international Trade, Export Strategy, internationalisation, Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), entrepreneurship, sector strategies, capability development, interpersonal skills training, cross-cultural training, change management, market entry, managed services, international business, strategic partnerships.

Languages: Fluent in English and Spanish. Conversational in French and Portuguese. Basic understanding of Arabic, Tagalog and Visayan.

Geographic exposure: USA, Spain, Philippines, Argentina, France, UK, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Canada, Germany, Ecuador, Oman, Portugal, Netherlands, Belgium, Bangladesh, Bahrain, Morocco, Tunisia, Norway and Switzerland


Daria Timoshicheva, Russian Affairs Advisor

Living and working in both Russia and the United Kingdom, Daria brings knowledge in cross-cultural communications to Pax Tecum Global. She has worked with a range of companies operating worldwide and locally - from global e-commerce brands and banks to media outlets.

Area of expertise: cross-cultural communications, digital marketing, e-commerce, nutrition and healthy lifestyle.

Languages: Fluent in Russian and English.

Geographic exposure: Russia and the United Kingdom.

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Su Yun Woo, China Political Consultant

Based in Switzerland and having worked in both Asia and Europe, Su Yun brings a diverse array of experience in corporate and academic sectors. With her present research focus on Chinese political development, she contributes her political knowledge and expertise on China to the team. Su Yun has garnered extensive and varied exposure in China through her research stints, she has also worked with different actors ranging from government officials, academics and private businesses in both Singapore and China.

Area of expertise: Chinese political analysis, cross-cultural communication, government relations and business development.

Languages: Fluent in English and Mandarin. Conversational in German. Basic understanding of French.

Geographic exposure: Singapore, China, Switzerland and Germany.

Alex Wan.jpg

Alex Wan,

Senior China Business Advisor

Originally from Hong Kong, Alex Wan has worked in both domestic and international financial centres around the world as both a Banking Consultant and Project Manager with over 25 years solid experience at Chase Manhattan (now JP Morgan Chase), Midland Montague (now part of HSBC), Saudi International Bank (merged with Gulf International Bank) and Standard Bank. His experience and contacts in the business and financial world span over four continents, but with a particular focus in Asia Pacific and China. Alex brings to Pax Tecum Global more than 15 years experience in providing consulting for business in different sectors of the industry ranging from both medium-sized to multinational organisations around project finance, joint venture and foreign direct investment especially in China and sub-Saharan Africa.

In addition, Alex is both Ambassador and Business Adviser to the China Investors Club and China division at the London Capital Club in the United Kingdom.

Area of Expertise: Foreign Direct Investment, Chinese business affairs, Asia-Pacific business affairs, joint venture and new market entry,

Languages: Fluent in Cantonese, Mandarin and English.

Geographic exposure: China, Hong Kong, United Kingdom, European Union, Nigeria, Ghana and South Africa.