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6 December 2018

PRESS RELEASE: Pax Tecum Global Consultancy launches its latest podcast - The Global Podcast. Focusing on the importance of diplomacy and international development, the podcast features commentary on global developments and interviews with thought-leaders and experts on the field. Subscribe on both Apple Podcast and Spotify.


30 November 2018

NEWS: The G20 in Buenos Aires is gathering world leaders to discuss sustainability and climate change - crafting both political will around global priorities. And an agreement has been made - here is the declaration from the European Commission for fair and sustainable development.


15 November 2018

NEWS: Technology is changing diplomacy and it’s apparent. With the world having changed more rapidly over the last 35 years than over the last 350 years, these changes ultimately permeated even within the world of diplomacy as explain in the following article from International Policy Digest.



NEWS: Green sukuk could be the plug to the climate finance deficit and help fight global climate change. The creation of Islamic green finance (sukuk - a confluence of Islamic and green finance) is one way that the Islamic finance industry has addressed the issue, as explained in Dubai’s The National.'


30 OCTOBER 2018

NEWS: The United Arab Emirates launches a new policy that promotes foreign direct investment that fosters sustainable development. The policy is not only down to cement the country’s position in social impact but also draw greater investment and businesses that promote global development accordingly, as highlighted in the latest press release here.


18 OCTOBER 2018

NEWS: The Senegalese government have prioritised developing local infrastructure as a key part of their national strategy. Clearly a source of opportunity for many potential businesses and impact investors looking to engage with the emerging African economy, as reported by the Financial Times.


8 OCTOBER 2018

NEWS: Pax Tecum Global Consultancy has contributed a piece to its new partner, Dubai-based research group emerge85. Entitled “Moving beyond Rhetoric to Build a Strong Fintech Ecosystem”, the article explores why governments need to get on board in supporting FinTech startups in supporting greater financial inclusion and economic empowerment for its citizens. You can find more of the article by visiting emerge85’s website.


3 OCTOBER 2018

NEWS: From our own Foreign Investment and Trade Advisor Richie Santosdiaz, he explains in this article for The National on the five ways in which Dubai is becoming a global tech leader. Already a leader in transportation and logistics, the Emirate is now keen on conquering the tech world. Reach more by clicking here.


NEWS: Macron’s global development vision for France takes shape. Addressing ambassadors in Paris at the end of last month, Macron called for a new law to encapsulate his development agenda, saying he wanted to foster investissement solidaire (solidarity investment), including more partnerships with civil society, youth, business, and diasporas, and more money for ambassadors to support local initiatives. Read the Devex article to understand more about Macron’s plan for France’s collaborative future.



NEWS: How businesses benefit from the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. With the United Nations’ General Assembly (UNGA) approaching and governments trying to meet the goals accordingly, businesses can have a one up by complying themselves and partnering with international actors accordingly. Find out more from this World Resource Institute entry.



NEWS: Why humanitarian aid is a powerful foreign policy strategy. Humanitarian aid increases human welfare on a global scale, but it can also be one of the greatest ways of spreading influence and diplomatic power. Featured on the Big Think, this article gives excellent insight on the thought process of many governments around aid and diplomacy.

10 AUGUST 2018


NEWS: Major American airlines (American, Delta and United) have agreed to Chinese Government request on removing Taiwan and referring it to “Taipei” instead. An interesting case study on the need for understanding political dynamics to avoid major threats and risks as reported by CNN Business.

25 JULY 2018


NEWS: Straight from the OECD, Africa’s Development Dynamics 2018 report is now released. What are the major economic and social trends in Africa? What is Africa’s role in globalisation? This new annual report presents an Africa open to the world and towards the future. Africa's Development Dynamics uses the lessons learned in the five African regions – Central, East, North, Southern and West Africa – to develop recommendations and share good practices. The report identifies innovative policies and offers practical policy recommendations, adapted to the specificities of African economies. To access the report, visit the OECD page by clicking here.

11 JULY 2018


NEWS: Published in the Journal of Cleaner Production, an interesting analysis on why cooperation between business and non-governmental organisations help promote sustainable development. What is vital is to understand the differences between these two types of collaboration and how to best approach them to increase chances of success. Download the full article here.

28 JUNE 2018


NEWS: Straight from Forbes - why startups are coming to Latin America. The region is becoming a place where startups are flourishing, and there are increasingly more reasons why it makes sense for budding entrepreneurs to set up shop there - find out more here.

13 JUNE 2018


NEWS: Chinese startups see Latin America as a land of opportunity. Given the massive amount of influence China has had on the African continent over the years, their efforts to now reach out to Latin America could be another strategic move to exert influence. But there are interesting trends for other startups and countries to learn from Fortune Magazine - Bloomberg collaborative piece.

25 MAY 2018


10 MAY 2018

NEWS: Case in point for NGOs to partner with governments as presented by Aayush Niroula of “In my experience doing public health work in rural Nepal, I’ve come to appreciate the role the public sector can play in this regard,” says Niroula. Click here to read more of the article.


30 APRIL 2018

NEWS: Solar power is the world’s most promising clean energy solution - but governments must abandon outdated policies for it to succeed. Varun Sivraram of the Council of Foreign Affairs goes into detail with the Foreign Policy piece on the need for more political will for sustainable development particularly in this realm - and the potential opportunities for impact investors (as well as hurdles to avoid).


16 APRIL 2018

PRESS RELEASE: A new face in town - Pax Tecum Global Consultancy launches - a new day and a new consultancy firm in London but with a whole different mandate. Pax Tecum Global Consultancy opens its doors today in the big smoke. But it's not your typical financial or business consultancy which attracts firms from across the globe to the capital. Specialising in diplomacy and international development, Pax Tecum Global provides diplomatic mediation, strategy and both political and cultural advice to corporations, start-ups, NGOs and charities on engaging with international governments.

The consultancy firm was founded by international humanitarian and social entrepreneur, Gesu Antonio Baez who's previous experience extended to diplomatic engagement and development program management in women's rights and with the UN system. "What many businesses and NGOs don't realize is that governments around the world speak and engage in a different language from both the corporate and humanitarian world," says Baez. "Therefore, it's crucial to understand what makes them tick and what their priorities are in order to push a project or launch a new business on the ground"

Pax Tecum Global's launch comes at an opportunistic time as UK Secretary for International Development, Penny Mordaunt recently called last week for a global partnership between governments and both businesses and NGO's in order to increase a "great partnership" in a more sustainable world